Frank Olivier’s “TWISTED CABARET & Pandemonium Vaudeville Show” is good-time theater, and no one seems to be having a better time than Olivier himself.

Want to see an audience squirm? Go to San Francisco’s Mason Street Theatre and watch Olivier, in his guise as yogi Frankananda, inhale a strand of dental floss through his nose and then cough one end out of his mouth… hilarious!

You’ll also see him eat fire and swallow flaming swords, bounce eight-balls off of his head until he bleeds (no, it’s not real), and juggle so many objects you’ll think that gravity has given him special dispensation.

With an ever-present gleam in his eye he straps two dolls to his shoulders and becomes a trio of dancing girls known as ‘The Frankettes’. He hauls a hapless volunteer from the audience and makes him the amnesiac half of an acrobatic team. And he does tricks with a pink tutu and a unicycle that would leave Baryshnikov agog.

A man possessed of enormous talent. He is a pleasure to watch. He turns juggling into the best stand-up comedy around. Olivier manages to muster up the sort of “how does he do that?” magic that delights and disarms. Here’s hoping that Olivier’s ‘TWISTED CABARET & Pandemonium Vaudeville’ continues to freak out audiences for a good long time!”

– Chad Jones