Best Bets!

“Berkeley native and former S.F. street performer Frank Olivier is a lovable lug who can juggle, eat fire, sing rock ‘n’ roll and ride a unicycle — and he does them all at once in the grand finale of TWISTED CABARET. But smart Olivier knows these things aren’t enough for a whole evening and so he’s added a three-piece band (I love the way they lean in to watch Olivier, as if they can’t believe it either). And he has a (slightly) straight second banana called Unkle Paul, to set him up in acts that range from 3 Dancing Girls (Olivier and two remarkable cardboard chicks), to a meal at the Cafe Flambe where everything on the menu is flaming. He brings audience members onstage and makes clowns out of them in several of his more popular segments. He’s a yoga master, a lecturer on flatulance (that ends with blazing underpants) — but mainly Olivier creates an onstage character who will kill himself or audience members to entertain. Which makes Twisted Cabaret, in spite of its 3rd-grader gross-out material, fun.”

– Lee Brady