Comedic Genius!

Oh, my lord! What won’t he do? He’s a magician, he’s a mime, he’s three girls at a time. He’s Frank Olivier, and he’s bringing his Twisted Cabaret and Pandemonium Vaudeville Show to Las Vegas. The slightly schizophrenic, multiple personality-laden Olivier gives the audience a hilarious look at the inner workings of his mind in this one-man show. An amazing array of unusual and decidedly odd characters with diverse skill sets–including knife-throwing, fire-eating, magic, ballet and cross-dressing–comes to life on stage.

If you know comedy, you’ll likely recognize Olivier from appearances on The Tonight Show. He started in the comedy business early, attending Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey Clown College after he graduated from high school. Later, he sharpened his sense of timing with headlining stints in comedy clubs across the country and touring with the Broadway hit Sugar Babies.

So step out with Swami Frankananda, Professor Von Franz, Frankonovitchski, The Frankettes and Francel Franceau and let Olivier convert you to the twisted side of comedy, one mime at a time.

– Nina King