“Juggling. Magic. Knife- throwing. Fire Eating. The stuff of carnivals you say? Old-school vaudeville stunts?

Not in the hands of Frank Olivier, the insanely funny and outrageously multi-talented comedian whose ‘TWISTED CABARET & pandemonium Vaudeville Show’ hurtles into the Mason St. Theatre beginning today for a limited run.

Aided by master of ceremonies ‘Unkle Paul’ Nathan and Nolan Gasser’s Twisted Cabaret Band, Olivier turns traditional vaudeville on its ear with a dizzying assortment of comic characters, from the despondent knife-thrower Frankonovitchski to the hilarious yoga master Frankanada.

Over the course of the evening Olivier not only manipulates juggling pins, unis, and fire, but numerous parts of his body as well. Through the magic of puppetry he becomes a 3-foor tall “Maurice” cycle, knivewho lives in a garbage can, and a trio of dancing girls called The Frankettes. The key to the show’s success is a twisted sense of danger that permeates the evening.”

– Adam Sandel